Ghana’s Ambassador to Burkina Faso visits exhibitors

Business News of Tuesday, 30 October 2018



Mr Bolina SaakaAmbassador of Ghana to Burkina Faso, Mr Naa Bolina Saaka

Ghana is working to strengthen its strong bilateral relationship with Burkina Faso through the promotion of trade for the mutual benefit of the two countries, Mr Naa Bolina Saaka, the Ambassador of Ghana to Burkina Faso, said over the weekend.

Speaking to the media after a tour of the Ghana exhibition stands to interact with participants at the ongoing 15th edition of the International Arts and Crafts Fair (SIAO), Mr Saaka said the participation of Ghana’s delegation underscored the importance the two countries attached to trade.

He praised the existing good relations between Burkina Faso and Ghana which is being sustained by the Presidents of the two nations and pledged to improve on it.

The ambassador was impressed by the various products on display, including artefacts, batik-tie and dye, as well as woodcarvings, being exhibited by the Ghanaians.

“Ghana always excelled everywhere we go. We believe in quality and if it is creativity we have it. So I am not surprised that two years ago we won the creative awards. Having gone round the stands I believe we can win again this year,” he said.

Mr Saaka said Ghana must pick up lessons from the successful and consistent organization of the SIAO fair by the Burkinabes.

Ghana Export Promotion Authority is coordinating the participation of over 30 exhibitors in the 10-day fair, which is running from October 26 to November 4.

Held biennially in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, the International Arts and Crafts Fair, known as Le Salon International de L’Artisanant de Ouagadougou (SIAO) in French, is one of Africa’s most important trade shows for arts and handicrafts.

It shows a wide variety of artistic expression of African creativity, skills, beauty and functionality which also informs the world about Africa’s historical origins and cultural heritage.

This year’s edition, which also coincides with the 30th anniversary celebration since the institution of the fair, is being held under the theme: “African Handicrafts, Market Requirements and Technological Development.”

Export earnings from the sub-sector increased by 100 percent from 5.22 million in 2016 to $10.411 million in 2017. The sub-sector contributed 0.41 percent to total earnings of the non-traditional exports.

Ghana has seen consistent improvement in performance, quality and variety as well as standards of the products through the participation in fairs over the years.

At least 3,500 exhibitors and 19 African countries are participating in the 15th edition of SIAO 2018.

Madagascar is the guest of honour of SIAO 2018.

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