Electrical Dealers join national anti-counterfeit campaign

Business News of Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Source: ghananewsagency.org


Some participants at the Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult workshop

The Ghana Electrical Dealers Association (GEDA) has renewed its commitment to join the National Anti-Counterfeit campaign against the proliferation of substandard and fake electrical products and electronic appliances.

Mr Koranteng Asiamah, the new President of GEDA explained that the campaign against patronage of counterfeit electrical products and electronic appliances embarked on by the Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) needed to support of all stakeholders.

The GEDA President who was speaking to newsmen after holding consultative meeting in Accra with Mr Francis Ameyibor, Executive Director of the CDA Consult explained that; “as dealers we are committed to fighting against any one whose operations would create a negative image for our business.

“We have suffered heavily through the operations of fake operators…as such we can no longer sit aloft for unscrupulous individuals and companies to destroy the market”.

Mr Asiamah noted that the campaign which focused on public empowerment through education and sensitisation would argument the efforts of stakeholders towards weeding out fake dealers from the market.

The GEDA President classified the CDA Consult National Anti-Counterfeit Campaign against patronage of fake electrical products and electronic appliances as a major comprehensive response to the industry-wide proliferation of counterfeit products.

He said as dealers; “we know that counterfeit electrical products can pose tremendous safety hazards, including; malfunctions that can cause overheating or short circuits, leading to fires, shocks or explosions.

“GEDA has adopted a zero tolerance policy for counterfeiting and is committed to stopping the counterfeiting of electrical products in the country as we support institutions and bodies like the CDA Consult, Ghana Standards Authority, and the Ghana Police among others.

Mr Ameyibor, explained that CDA Consult embarked on the campaign to use the power of the masses through intensified public awareness creation on consumer’s safety to deal with counterfeiters.

He said the campaign was part of a strategy to stamp-out counterfeit electrical products and electronic appliances from the market; “we must arm the consumer through public education to avoid patronage of fake goods for their own safety sake.

“Consumers must serve as the first line of defence, personal protection is paramount, whilst we expect statutory bodies to do their work”.

Mr Ameyibor noted that “due to excessive obsession to make profit, some importers make or sell substandard products hence endangering consumers”.

The CDA Consult Executive Director also commended the Ghana Standards Authority for supporting the campaign stressing that; “recent actions including; market surveillance, arrest and confiscation are laudable”.

The CDA Consult campaign seeks to expose stakeholders to dangers associated with the patronage of counterfeit electrical products and electronic appliances, as well as create a platform for security operatives and others to enforce laws against sale of counterfeit products in the country.

The Anti-counterfeiting educational campaign being undertaking throughout the ten regional capital and 150 District Capitals also seeks to help professionals to understand the dangers associated with counterfeit electrical products.

Mr Ameyibor said counterfeiters were not concerned about user safety and therefore do not conform to any safety regulations and labelling requirements.

On how to stop the supply chain and protect customers from potential harm, he advised consumers to purchase from manufacturers’ authorised distributors and retailers and asked that labels and packaging be scrutinised for authentic marking and also to question bargains as it helped to compare the price of products to similar products at different retailers.

Mr Ameyibor, explained that the proliferation of counterfeit electrical products in the country “is on the increase, and as a nation we need concerted efforts to deal with the problem.

“We must all join the holistic crusade to sensitise the public against the usage of counterfeit electrical products”.

Mr Ameyibor said: “CDA Consult is creating the platform and building the necessary forces against the proliferation of counterfeit electrical products. We are focusing on raising awareness among the public regarding counterfeiting.

“We are creating a platform to expose the public to the main consequence of using cheap counterfeit electrical products – fire outbreaks and/or corporal harms like electrocution, loss of property, accidents and death”.

He said the national crusade against the proliferation and use of counterfeit electrical products was also aimed at discouraging the patronage of counterfeit electrical products and to direct taste towards genuine electrical products.

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