BuhariCertificateSaga: The jittery over Buhari’s WASC by presidency shows he has something to hide

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has said that the fretting and jittery by the presidency over the West African School Certificate (WASC) of president Muhammadu Buhari means they have something to hide.

The opposition party in its statement on Tuesday said if the president had nothing to hide, it should put all confrontation to rest by writing the military, to make public the certificate.

In the statement entitled Buhari Certificate Saga, the PDP said Buhari should be aware that, he isn’t the retired  military personnel to vie  for public office, and non has ever cone forth with such excuse.

See statement below

The fretting and jittering in the Presidency whenever the issue of President Muhammadu Buhari’s academic certificate is mentioned confirms assertions by Nigerians that Mr. President is morally burdened and ostensibly has something to hide.

If Mr. President Buhari has nothing to hide, he should end the confrontations by his presidency and show integrity by writing the military authorities to make public the said certificate.

In failing to do so, Mr. President Buhari is opening himself to public opprobrium particularly as millions of Nigerian youths see such as grossly undesirable of a leader, expected to set examples.

Moreover, President Buhari should know that Nigerians are aware that he is not the only retired military officer to aspire for elective office in the country and none of them brought the claims of their certificates being held by the military.


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