Pretoria mother fights to keep daughter alive after rare cancer diagnosis

According to medical resource website, Healthline, a glioma is a cancerous brain tumour that develops in the area of the brain that controls functions such as walking, breathing, vision and eating. A diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma is especially prevalent among children and progresses rapidly. DIPG symptoms include problems with chewing and swallowing, weakness in the legs and severe headaches.

“I did not know about DIPG before Kiara was diagnosed. In fact, on initial diagnosis they just said she has a brain tumour and it shocked us,” said Candice-Lee. “I had to go and Google all these big words.” 

Kiara’s symptoms began three months before the DIPG diagnosis and were initially attributed to other, less serious conditions. “At first it was vertigo. Then it was a mid-ear infection and then it was Bell’s palsy. Eventually, when she couldn’t walk and her left side went numb, that’s only when we went to the emergency room and they said, ‘listen, let’s do an MRI and scratch out worst case scenario,’ which it ended up being.”

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