Merkel confirms she won’t seek re-election to CDU party chair

German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed on Monday she would not seek re-election as chairwoman of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in December, heralding the beginning of the end of her 13-year era of dominance in European politics. 

Her decision comes after her party suffered major losses in regional elections that threatened the stability of the governing coalition.

According to BBC News Merkel said that she would like to remain in the post of Germany’s chancellor until 2021. She has led Germany as chancellor since 2005 and wants to stay in that post.

“Firstly, at the next CDU party congress in December in Hamburg, I will not put myself forward again as candidate for the CDU chair,” she told reporters, drawing the consequences of setbacks for the CDU in a regional vote on Sunday.

“Secondly, this fourth term is my last as German chancellor. At the federal election in 2021, I will not stand again as chancellor candidate, nor as a candidate for the Bundestag, and … I won’t seek any further political offices,” she added. 


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