People think I am arrogant

Young actor Mpho Sibeko’s wants to squash rumours that he is arrogant.

The actor, who recently joined the cast of soapie Scandal! has seen his career on the up after starring in Gold Diggers and Rhythm City before. With that comes more people recognising him in the street and asking for photos.

So Mpho is surprised when people then think he is arrogant or “being like a typical celeb”.

“My whole life I have been seen as; ‘Oh my gosh, there’s that arrogant douchebag and so on. It doesn’t phase me anymore because I am the kind of person who keeps to himself. If I enter a space and there is no one I know, I will keep myself company.”

He said he was touched when people accused him of being arrogant without even taking the time to speak to him.

“If I am just walking about and getting on with my day, I don’t get how people can then diagnose me or think I am a certain way.”

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