IN MEMES | Adelaide’s wig won the catfight for Twitter!

Listerine finally found out what The Queen viewers have known for a while – that her good-for-nothing-hubby is sleeping with Adelaide and boy did she not lose all her morals.

The catfight that followed was probably the most entertaining scene from Thursday’s episode of the popular telenovela. Especially because it was Adelaide’s wig that won the day for tweeps.

On the real though, can you imagine the heartbreak Listerine is going through after finding out that Adelaide – a woman she was really fond of and stood up for – is messing around with her husband. Hectic!

Tweeps were impressed by the unshakable strength shown by Adelaide’s wig because throughout the whole fight, even when Lsty came for it and pulled it in all directions that wig didn’t move an inch.

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