Faith tourism from Ghana to Turkey launched

By Hafsa Obeng, GNA

Accra, Oct. 26, GNA – The Helgard Travel and
Tours in partnership with the Embassy of Turkey has launched the faith tour of
the biblical book of the Revelations Chapters one and two to Turkey.

Madam Nesrin Bayazit, Ambassador of the
Republic of Turkey said most Ghanaians do not know Turkey so well, and the idea
for the tourism is to make more people go and visit, know the history of
Christianity in Turkey and make business.

She said since 1992, Turkey having a Christian
minority has been working on religious tourism and has designated some places
for such purposes.

She said Turkey was situated at the meeting
point of Asia and Europe. Asian side is called Anatolia and European side is
called Thrace and both sides had been cradles of many cultures and civilizations
throughout the centuries.

Madam Bayazit said Turkey had more investment
in Ghana and their investment were over half a billion dollars and since they
had been in Ghana for a short while it’s a huge success for them.

“We have not been long in Ghana, but have been
successful and have promising bilateral trade relations and we are doing
everything possible to encourage Ghanaian business to promote Ghana in turkey
as well and should not be a one way trade, it should be a mutual one.

“Of course trade is in our favour, but we
would like to see being more balanced and Ghanaians paying more attention to
Turkey. There is interest in Ghana, because Turkish products are of good
quality and competitive prizes,” he said.

said Anatolia has been the home of great cultures and sites from Neolithic,
Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman
era. Anatolia was also home to the first Christian unities.

Madam Bayazit said each of the civilizations
that lived on their soil left them their most valuable sites and artefacts.

She said the sites and artefacts had been
transmitted from generation to generation, likewise their homeland had been
blessed with major holy sites of the three monotheistic religions:
Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Therefore, Turkey has a rich collection of
churches, monasteries, synagogues and mosques.

Since 1993 Ministry of Culture and Tourism of
the Republic of Turkey had been promoting faith tourism and designated the
following sites as important places for Christianity: St. Pierre Museum
(Hatay), and St. Paul Museum (Tarsus).

The rest are, Church of Virgin Mary (Seleuk),
Church of St. Nicholas (Demre), St. Sophia Mosque(12nik), Synagogue of Sardis
(Manisa), Church of Alasehir (Manisa), Church of Akhisar (Manisa) and Ancient
City of Pisidia (Isparta), Orthodox Church of Derinkuyu (Nevsehir) and Ancient
City of Laodikya (Denizli).

“Major pilgrimage venues for Christians are in
Turkey including the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelations of John, along
with underground cities, chapels, rock churches in the caves clustered mainly
in Cappadocia, Central Turkey,” she said.

expressed the hope that more Ghanaians would visit Turkey, as pleasure also
connects people from different cultures, countries and civilization.

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