Achimota traffic light solar system knocked down

General News of Friday, 26 October 2018



The solar traffic light was set up in 2014

The solar system which powers traffic lights at the Neoplan intersection at Achimota in Accra has been knocked down.

It’s not clear what caused the mishap but Graphic Online found the number plate of a motorbike at the site.

Although the solar panel has been brought down, traffic lights at the intersection was functioning as of 9 a.m.

Currently, 31 intersections, including the Achimota Neoplan, the Nationalist Park, the American House, Kawukudi Junction, the Jubilee House and the Fiesta Royale Hotel, run on solar power.

According to the Department of Urban Roads (DUR), in all there were 239 intersections with traffic lights in the city of Accra.

Out of the number, there are 31 solar-powered intersections under maintenance, with total intersections, including those still under defect liability, standing at 72.

The traffic lights are managed by three companies — Facol Roads (36), Signal and Controllers (43) and Angel Data (92), with the rest being under warranty.

In 2014, the DUR rolled out a project to power traffic lights in the city with solar energy.

The move became necessary because it wanted to eliminate chaos at road intersections in the city, often caused by power outages.

The DUR engaged a local contractor, A2Z, to install the traffic light panels and batteries for the six intersections and intends to do same for the traffic lights on the George Walker Bush Highway (N1 Highway).Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) in the implementation of the programme.

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