Video: Lydia Forson’s friends pose as armed robbers to surprise her

A video of popular actress Lydia Forson screaming on top of her voice out of fear is making rounds on photo-sharing app, Instagram.

In the video, some people believed to be friends of Lydia Forson had dressed as armed robbers purposely to surprise her on her birthday.

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The folks wore masks, and in complete darkness, “broke” into Lydia’s room.

The actress screamed out in fear on seeing the armed-robber look-alike men, resorted to shouts of “Jesus, Jesus”.

But when the lights were switched on, it was discovered that they were her friends who were there to surprise her on her birthday.

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A visibly shaken Lydia had coiled herself in a corner of the room. Although the video was intended to be fun, some fans and followers of the actress have not found it so.

It was, according to them a “wicked” stunt, which was out of place. In their comments, they said that Lydia’s reaction could have caused her to collapse and even die because armed robbery attack is no joke.

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