Meet the SA man behind the voice of ‘Ajax’‚ a popular character in the new Call of Duty

Savante said he researched characters‚ their backstories and spoke to the creators in preparing for roles so that he was “as loose and open as possible while taping”.

“We are lucky to have the designer/writer and director with us in session and they navigate tone‚ etc‚ while we commit to the intention of the character in the context of the specific scene we are taping.”

Savante signed a one-year contract to voice Ajax after the filming was complete. He auditioned for three characters before he was selected for Ajax. He has done the voice-over work for characters in two other Call of Duty games and in the Uncharted video game series.

But is he a gamer himself?

“I do play sometimes. Mostly Madden NFL‚ FIFA and I also play Minecraft with my 11-year-old daughter.”

Savante was raised in Rondebosch and Camps Bay in Cape Town before crossing the Atlantic. He recently visited South Africa after his father passed away but returns every couple of years.

“[I] can’t stay away from authentic biltong and droëwors for too long‚” he said.

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