What kids want this festive season

Many South African children want to find goo in their Christmas stocking this year.

Father Christmas is expected to be delivering more slime than ever this year‚ as children are still stuck on the almost two-year-old craze.

Popular retail chain Toys R Us says anything slimey is at the top of most Christmas wish-lists.

“Slime is huge. It’s bigger than before. There’s slime with glitter in it‚ slime laboratories‚ DIY kits‚ slime shakers‚ unicorn slime and much more. The craze keeps growing‚” Toys R Us marketing manager Nicole Annells told TimesLIVE in Durban on Wednesday.

In 2016 hundreds of thousands of children around the world began making slime as gooey recipes were shared online. Last month‚ toy retailer Hamleys listed Elasti Plasti‚ a popular slime‚ on its top Christmas toys.

Talking parrots‚ hatching animals and robot dogs are also favoured this year. Particularly popular are Hatchimals Hatchibabies‚ which retail for R999‚ and a talking‚ dancing parrot called a Rock-a-too Show Bird‚ which costs R1‚299.

“I think these toys are popular because it’s about relationship building and [they] are interactive. For some children‚ it takes them to the next level of becoming a teenager‚” said Annells.

“A lot of these toys are about responsibility as a pet owner‚ despite it being a toy. Of course they are tech-skewed too‚ so it is appealing.”

While gaming and tech continue to be popular trends‚ classics such as dolls‚ cars‚ play sets‚ figurines and educational toys are popular favourites every year.

“Hot Wheels cars remain stable. It’s the firm favourite every single year‚” said Annells.

For those who are tired of playing traditional board games such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit‚ look out for Don’t Step On It‚ which comes complete with plastic poop and a grassy patch.

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