Twitter in a tizz over Cardi B’s jabs to Nicki Minaj’s army

Cardi B went on to take jabs at her rival’s fans and claimed they were actually stanning when they pretended they weren’t.

“They claim they hate me but they really love me because they be on my page before my fans. So clearly that seems like love to me, seems like you love me. So it’s like, ‘F*ck it.’ I can’t retract it I might as well put it out.”

Nicki and Cardi have a long-standing feud that even saw them nearly come to blows at a New York Fashion Week after-party in September.

Fan have been pointing out subliminal shade from both rappers aimed at each other in their recent releases and are convinced they’re bringing the US equivalent of the Cassper and AKA drama.

They once again took to social media to show their squad.

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