‘There was darkness over my child’

“The changes started after the split [in the Overcomers group]. That’s when Mikeila and Zak started getting tattoos and that’s when there was darkness over my child.”

She said Mikeila and Zak thought they were doing “good” things for God when they were in the ministry‚ which was headed by Cecilia.

But‚ she said‚ “Mikeila was not spontaneous anymore. She was not laughing.”

She said a week before she died‚ Mikeila visited her.

“She asked if I know any lawyer(s) because people who had left the ministry were dying. She said ‘I’m going to leave the ministry’. She said there was something wrong there.”

A week before her death‚ Mikeila was crying a lot and she seemed confused‚ her mother said.

“It’s like she had realised she had done something wrong. She was adamant in her decision [that she wanted to leave Cecilia’s ministry].”

She said she last saw her daughter on a Sunday when she and Zak had joined her for lunch.

“When I saw her that Sunday‚ there was light again over her. When she came up the stairs‚ she was so beautiful. It was like the Mikeila I knew‚” Van Dyk said‚ breaking down in tears.

When she visited Mikeila and Zak’s house after she had been found dead‚ Van Dyk said the latter was “absent minded” and “unemotional”.

She said she asked Zak if her daughter was a Satanist and he said no.

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