Samples of dead tilapia sent abroad for investigations – Fisheries Commission

General News of Wednesday, 24 October 2018



Dadzie Arthur Fisheries.pngMr. Michael Arthur-Dadzie is the Director of the Fisheries Commission

The Fisheries Commission has dispatched samples of fish, soil and water from the Fujian Fish Farm to the United Kingdom, Singapore and Norway for further investigations to ascertain what caused the death of fish on the farm.

The result of the investigation is expected in two weeks.

The Chinese-owned farm is located at Asutuare in the Shai Osudoku District in the Greater Accra Region.

Last Friday, there was a scare among fish consumers when news broke out that more than six tonnes of dead fish (tilapia) had been discovered on the farm.


The Director of the Fisheries Commission, Mr Michael Arthur–Dadzie, who disclosed this to journalists in Accra yesterday, explained that even though research was ongoing into the development in the country, there was the need to seek further expert opinions on the matter.

“Although there are some tests ongoing here, we needed to dispatch samples of the dead fish, water and soil abroad so that we can get different opinions from different entities and then come up with the best measures to deal with the situation,” he added.

“No cause for alarm”

Mr Arthur–Dadzie calmed the nerves of fish patrons, saying his outfit was closely monitoring the situation to ensure that none of the dead fish found its way onto the market.

“There is no cause for alarm because we are on top of issues and will inform the public of any outcome. Ghanaians can eat tilapia once it is found to be wholesome,” he said.

According to him, the dead fish had ben buried and that measures had been put in place to ensure it was not exhumed.

“The place where the fish was buried is under police surveillance to prevent anybody from exhuming the fish,” the director added.

He further stated that the incident happened on one fish farm and not all fish farms.

According to Mr Arthur-Dadzie, the management of the fish farm had complied with directives to stop all activities, while the site had since been cordoned off for investigations.


On what actually caused the death of the fish, Mr Arthur Dadzie said the commission could not establish it now until the findings of the research were completed.

“We cannot pinpoint what actually caused the death of the fish now and we do not want to speculate, so let’s all wait for the findings from the research to get the answers,” he said.

The commission has also engaged fish processors and other stakeholders in the industry to be on the look out for any unwholesome fish in the system.

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