MTV Base 2018 VJ Ntandose Mosibi’s ready for eer’thang but industry ‘fakes’

The newest MTV Base VJ said seeing her dream come true still  felt like an illusion.

“It doesn’t feel real as yet, it feels like someone is going to wake me up from a dream. But the fact that everyone is calling and texting me to congratulate me and tell me how much I’ve inspired them makes me feel so grateful and know that there is a God who has been hearing me all this time. It’ll probably sink in once I start doing work for MTV Base as their VJ.”

When asked what made her stand out Ntandose said she stayed true to herself.

“The fact that I am ‘me’ is already a huge differentiation from other popular presenters. Ntandose on screen is the same Ntandose off screen. Nothing is put on. People are going to have to experience me to fully understand that.”

She also believes that it is important to be a team player as a presenter.  

“Apart from being able to deliver your lines and look good on camera, you need to be a team player and understand the whole production process so you know exactly what’s expected of you. It’s not just about you.”

 Ntandose said the thing that scared her most about the entertainment industry was the “notorious fakeness” not only to receive it but to be perceived as being it.

“Fake. I’m scared of coming across fake people and fake intentions.”

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