King Promise vowed to buy me a car for investing in him

Yasmin Behzadi, the Dubai-based woman who claims King Promise has broken a contract she has with him, is not resting until justice is served.

She has responded to King Promise’s accusation that she called him “a waste product” and also insists on taking him to court.

According to her, King’s accusation was false, especially when she had invested huge sums of money in him as her artiste.

“How can I be calling him a waste product – a product I believed in?” she said on Hitz FM on Wednesday.

According to Yasmin, King Promise promised to buy a car for her to show appreciation for the help she has offered to his music career.

To buttress her assertion, reports say she forwarded to Andy Dosty of Hitz FM, a text message allegedly sent by King Promise to Yasmin in November 8, 2016, acknowledging Yasmin’s contribution to his career and promised to stay loyal to their agreement.

But on Monday, October 22, 2018, King Promise’s management issued a statement to debunk early claims by Yasmin that he had been ungrateful to her by abandoning her when he hit the limelight.

According to King Promise, he was hobbled by some clauses in their agreement so he had to leave.

This comes after Yasmin had threatened to take the musician to court for sidelining her after investing in his music career.

The woman stated that she spent about $150,000 on music videos shoots and other promotional expenses for King Promise.

Yasmin Behzadi

However, the artiste in his statement said Yasmin’s claims of “spending $150,000 was due to her own unilateral decisions and luxurious lifestyles, even if she indeed has spent that much.”

Responding to King’s statement Yasmin noted she really took good care of King when he was her artiste.

“I used to tell him that when you leave the house, make sure you look nice,” she said.

She therefore expressed disappointment in the fact that King had forgotten that they signed a 360 deal, reiterating that she would take the matter to court.

“We are going to meet in court…if you want to be greedy….then the only option is to go to court,” she said.

By: Kwame Dadzie/

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