IN MEMES | Yhu! Looks like karma is chilling in the Maputla household

The Maputlas are going through the most!

From Noah’s thieving ways to Leeto and his wife giving each other ultimatums, and Meiki trying to force Nokgadi to move out in search of inner peace. 

In addition to all of that there’s tension between Meikie and John now that Charity is in close vicinity and poor Thabo is caught in between his current girlfriend and his baby mama. 

Say what you will but it not only looks like karma’s taking a break from the Seakamelas, it looks like that b**** has packed up her belongings and moved into the Maputla house.

Tweeps are convinced that the first way to get karma out is for Mokgadi and Leeto to move out. When Mokgadi lost her mind and snapped at her mother-in-law, the one thing she said that made sense for everyone was the fact that their current living arrangement is clearly dysfunctional.

Also… Mokgadi needs to find inner peace for sure. Even the memes say so!

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