I was paid very well in the private sector‚ Mboweni says at mini-budget press briefing

The former Reserve Bank governor added that he had free time to spend on his farm‚ leading to discovery that some of his staff were growing the green leaves that were recently the subject of a Constitutional Court ruling.

“I had more time with my lambs‚ dogs‚ chicken‚ cabbage‚ spinach. And there were other things that were growing in my farm; I chopped them before the Constitution Court decision. I should have allowed them to grow.

“They were not for my consumption. It was my care-taker who I found had been planting certain greenies which were not allowed at the time.

“So I was doing very well and the president approached me and asked if I can do this. I can tell you that I resisted to the best of my ability. But he used to be the secretary-general of the National Union of Mineworkers‚ so he out negotiated me‚” said Mboweni.

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