House was ‘moving like jello’ after blasts‚ witness tells court

Scholtz told the court that she and her husband had opened up their home for the Wednesday meetings after two congregants were attacked outside the apartment of Ria Grunewald‚ who had introduced her to the church.

On July 4‚ during their second meeting at her home‚ she noticed something odd in the driveway where the other congregants had parked their cars.

One of the church members‚ Sanmarie Volbrecht‚ had left her lights on. She claimed to have informed her of this but Volbrecht said the lights would automatically switch themselves off.

A short while later‚ however‚ she noticed that the lights were still on. Both women decided to walk to the car to check.

“I could smell petrol‚” Scholtz testified. “I said [to Volbrecht] that either it was a leakage or someone had just filled up [their petrol tank]. As we walked to her car‚ the smell was stronger. I started walking towards the car to see if I could see anything suspicious. She started to pray and I prayed as well‚” Scholtz said.

She decided to turn back to the house to go and search for a flashlight‚ leaving Volbrecht behind.

“[Volbrecht] started to scream and the other members ran towards her. She said she had seen people jump out of the yard‚” Scholtz said.

The members searched the cars and found that several of their cars had been doused in petrol.

The next week however‚ the attackers returned and this time‚ they managed to carry out their acts.

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