Environment group demands urgent parliament debate on UN climate change report

“This is a crisis of leadership and does not bode well for a climate driven South Africa in which we will be having more extreme weather including droughts‚ heat waves‚ floods‚ wild fires and sea level rise‚” Satgar wrote.

According to the IPCC‚ report the current rate of warming in the world’s temperatures would possibly reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052 after an increase of 1°C above pre-industrial levels since the mid-1800s.

The report stated that if the 1.5°C target was reached‚ it would keep the global sea level rise at 0.1m. This could reduce flooding and enable people that inhabit the world’s coasts‚ islands and river deltas time to adapt to climate change.

The report said a lower target would reduce species loss‚ extinction and the impact of terrestrial‚ freshwater and coastal ecosystems.

Satgar said the report underlined the imperative of bringing down carbon emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change through a 1.5°C overshoot.

“The report is clear that we are running out of time and decisive leadership is needed over the next 12 years to prevent such a dangerous shift in the earth’s climate.

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