‘Dismayed’ De Lille keeps Cape Town guessing

A 2‚000-page report by Bowmans‚ completed after a 10-month investigation‚ says De Lille and former city manager Achmat Ebrahim broke the law when they failed to tell the council about irregular payments in 2015.

It says De Lille did so by attempting to influence Ebrahim not to fulfil his legal obligation‚ while Ebrahim did so by acceding to her wishes.

Other officials against whom the report suggests criminal charges include the mayoral committee member for transport and urban development‚ Brett Herron‚ and suspended Transport and Urban Development Authority commissioner Melissa Whitehead.

De Lille said the “malicious” leaking of the second Bowmans report to TimesLIVE by “faceless‚ nameless and useless people‚ to injure my good name”‚ had left her disappointed and dismayed.

“I have repeatedly taken issue with the credibility of Bowmans‚ ever since the inception of this investigation‚” she said‚ repeating her claims that the first report came to inaccurate or baseless conclusions.

“I wrote to them on 3 January 2018 requesting them to retract a number ‘recommendations’ made by themselves on issues which they had not even questioned me on. My request for them to delete misinformation in that report was met with their rejection‚” she said on Wednesday.

“I was defamed. I was embarrassed by the false accusations‚ but I still welcomed the [second] investigation‚ and actively participated when my turn came.”

De Lille said she was shocked when mayoral committee member JP Smith went on the radio in June to say Bowmans had uncovered evidence that she misled the council.

“I wrote to Bowmans on the same day to say that my understanding was that the investigation was still ongoing‚ and I was therefore perturbed about what Alderman JP Smith was basing his excitement on‚ because he clearly had access to information I was not privy to.

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