Zimbabwe lifts ban on imports of basic commodities

The Zimbabwean government has with immediate effect removed a ban on imports of basic commodities as Zimbabweans battle with acute shortages which are a result of panic buying.

A full cabinet resolution taken on Tuesday is that Statutory Instrument 122 of 2017- Control of Goods (Open General Import Licence) will be temporarily repealed until the situation normalises.

“Cabinet notes with concern that the basic commodities continued to be in short supply despite increased production by suppliers‚ thereby reflecting persistent panic and speculative buying‚” reads the resolution.

Products such as cement‚ bottled water‚ animal oils‚ body creams‚ cheese‚ cereals‚ ice cream‚ wheat flour and cooking oil‚ to mention a few‚ can now be brought into the country by individuals.

In recent weeks there has been a shortage of particularly cooking oil which normally retails for $3.35 (bond notes) for two litres but has been surfacing on the black market for $15 (bond notes) or an equivalent of US$4 in either South African rand or Botswana pula.

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