‘The song “Sweet mother,” reduces women’s worth’ – Nigerian feminist

A Nigerian feminist, identified as @Rimzzzeee on Twitter has taken to the platform to raise alarm over the ‘sweet mother’ hit song which she claimed reduces women’s worth.

According to the young lady, the song ‘sweet mother’ which is loved by most Nigerian mothers glorifies women’s suffering and reduces women’s worth to how much they can endure.

Read her tweet below;

After becoming a feminist, I cannot tell you how much I hate that fucking “Sweet Mother” song.

The worst part is that Naija moms love that song. I hate it so much. I don’t want to hear it ever again

For me, the song glorifies the suffering of women and reduces women’s worth to how much they can endure. Every day we see these Naija men talk about women and their value to them as lovers, mothers and usually their affection is correlated to how these women serve them

Ask a Nigerian man why he loves his mother or girlfriend and see if he can list 5 reasons that doesn’t involve her being of service.

Oh the cesspool of Nigerian Men have found my tweet about not liking the “Sweet Mother” song and they are angry at me. I don’t care fam. I don’t care what you think. I do care what women think though.

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