KZN finance MEC turns to the court for protection from mafia-style business forums

Scott said a group of about 40 people who identified themselves as members of the Delangokubona Business Forum also stormed into the reception of her office last month and manhandled her receptionist‚ including attempting to steal her handbag.

They also shouted profanities at her and demanded to see the head of department and tried to force their way through a glass door separating the reception area from Scott’s ministerial offices and her personal office.

Scott‚ who said she was also pursuing criminal charges‚ said after they were told that the acting head of department was on the 11th floor‚ they had “proceeded to that location in a violent‚ threatening and intimidating manner”.

“During this commotion I felt terrified and threatened and was particularly concerned for my staff‚ in that I was rendered helpless in so far as my ability to protect the wellbeing and bodily integrity of my staff. In addition I was furious that these invaders had been allowed access to a government building which is supposed to be secure‚” said Scott.

“The noise and shouting was intimidating in the extreme. The extent of the threat was so real that my personal security insisted that I be evacuated immediately‚ I was reluctant to do as I did not want to leave the remainder of my staff in such dire circumstances.”

She also accused FFRET leader Malusi Zondi of using “abusive racial and threatening insults”‚ including referring to two officials as “Indian dogs”.

Scott said Zondi had allegedly accused the two of manipulating tendering processes in order to benefit Indian-owned companies at the expense of black African-owned companies.

The group also took pictures of the members of the intervention team with their cellphones and made video recordings of the proceedings.

Scott said one video had gone viral on social media.

“This conduct places the life of the intervention team and their family members in grave danger as their faces are all over social media. The members of the intervention team and their families are now living in constant fear‚” Scott said in the court papers.

Both Delangokubona and FFRET were not immediately available for comment.

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