Battling William Nicol traffic? Try surviving the worst traffic jams in history

William Nicol has been trending on Twitter yet again this morning and of course, as usual, it’s because of heavy traffic. This time it was caused by an accident, a stationary vehicle and a set of robots being out. 

Next time you’re trapped in Joburg traffic and find your road rage simmering, take a deep breath and just be grateful that you were not stuck in some of the worst traffic jams in history.

Here are three of them:


When the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival was hosted from August 15 to 18, a three-day traffic snarl-up ensued. Apparently, the organisers underestimated the number of people who would attend, resulting in a 32km traffic jam on the New York Thruway. Artists even had to be flown in by helicopter to avoid the traffic. As for music lovers, they abandoned their jammed cars and danced to the venue of one of the most famous jams in history.

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