Josh Laryea to storm tertiary institutions with Kharis Movement

Gospel musician and Head Pastor of Kharis Centre International, Pastor Josh Laryea has launched a movement called Kharis Movement to propagate the gospel on all tertiary campuses in Ghana.

The Kharis Movement was unveiled at the University of Ghana over the weekend with the aim of reaching out to tertiary students with the Christian faith.

According to Pastor Josh Laryea, the movement is geared towards tertiary students because it is the highest stage of education where great ideas are harnessed.

“We believe that the university is main hub for cross fertilizing great ideas, inventing or executing them and living them. All we seek to do is to build a collaborative force as Joel prophesied about the end time army ready to take our nation and the world at large for Jesus,” he said.

He stressed that churches must preach messages of grace rather than that which condemns oneself.

“The church has lost focus, we have lost directions just like the Galatians churches. We preach self-condemnation and not the liberty of the Spirit. We preach righteousness by effort and not as a gift of God. We preach materialistic temporal value and not Spiritual and internal values. We preach greed and manipulation and not contentment and love. We preach that the measure of success is not different from the secular one. If the people have lost focus we have made it so,” he added.

Members of the Kharis Centre International who joined the event were excited and eager to commence the spreading of the gospel to impact, educate, inform and evangelize the word directly from the bible to change their lives.

The movement will start next year on the University of Ghana campus.

By: Kwame Dadzie/

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