Missing Chilean tourist found dead in KZN morgue

Yaksic arrived in South Africa in August for a holiday with his girlfriend. She returned on September 10‚ but he decided to stay on and continue his backpacking trip across the province.

Sergio said: “Now to judge whether Slavko’s actions were the most appropriate or could have been others‚ does not make any sense. Slavko was an adult‚ responsible and intelligent. What happened are things that happen every day to thousands of families around the world and we are part of the world‚ which is why it may have happened to us.”

Slavko’s body will be taken to Johannesburg on Monday where he will be cremated. Sergio will go back to Chile on October 28.

Sergio thanked the police and the Chilean embassy‚ among others.

“But above all‚ the people of South Africa‚ who have received me with a smile‚ have given me their time‚ have shared their concern‚ all of which makes me feel that Slavko spent his last two months of life among very nice people.”

Friends and family expressed their condolences on social media.

Ingrid Díaz Soto wrote: “You were an inveterate traveller!”

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