Leading US senator blames Saudi prince for Khashoggi death

Corker said that if the crown prince had ordered the murder, “he’s now crossed the line, and there has to be a punishment and a price to pay for that.”

What that price will be is a thorny issue for Congress, as well as some European allies who also sell arms to the world’s largest oil exporter and have other business interests in the kingdom.

The US could impose sanctions on Crown Prince Mohammed if he were found culpable in the killing, Corker said, but there should also be a collective response with US allies that are looking to Washington for leadership.

Corker did not call for an end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia, but others have.

Republican Senator Rand Paul, among those calling for a halt to arms sales to the Saudis, said on Fox News Sunday: “I think we should not be supplying the Saudis with bombs.”

Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, took a similar line.

“This ought to be a relationship-altering event for the US and Saudi Arabia, that we ought to suspend military sales, we ought to suspend certain security assistance,” Schiff said on ABC’s “This Week.”

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