Is that an ad on the billboard? No‚ it’s art

ArtPublika’s Simon de la Rouviere wrote on Saturday: “The goal was to find a billboard that’s in the city where others would walk past and be able to stop and look at it: not highways where you just drive past them.”

He added: “Besides finding novel ways to re-imagine public art‚ we also want to explore how we create more art‚ especially for consumption by the many.”

The artwork by Pretorius is a self-portrait.

“The faded symbols are the rock paintings and the settlers’ ship to represent the history of Cape Town – the encounter of two cultures. The branches represent the complexities of the social and cultural dynamics of Cape Town. It can also become a personal representation of life difficulties.”

Pretorius said on Instagram she believed the project would “change the game on promoting local talent within city spaces”.

“I’m soooo overwhelmed with emotions right now! This is by far the MOST TRIPPIEST [sic] experience ever!”

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