Florence Masebe reflects on dealing with grief

While Florence Masebe lives with the grief of losing her son in a drowning accident every day, as November approaches it impacts her more. 

The veteran actress’ 18-month-old son lost his life in a drowning accident at their home in November 2015. 

As the anniversary of her son’s death approaches Florence poured her heart out in a post about dealing with grief. 

“I often want to say this. To friends, family and outsiders. I’m approaching the month of November with care. I am taking care not to be too sensitive. I’m also careful not to allow others who are gripped by grief to think that they are weak simply because they have not found a way to hide their pain.”

Florence added that while there was no formula to dealing with such heartache it was important for people to “go easy” on themselves. 

“So many of us are walking wounded. We are bleeding heroes with well strapped wounds. Go easy. There is no formula for this. Me… I find strength in naming my teardrops. Acknowledging my every dark cloud. Sometimes I write it down too. Still, I’m no hero. Just a mother who knows different shades of pain. P. S… Don’t be sorry.” 

The heartfelt post was accompanied by an extract from Florence’s book The Heart Knows, which she released last year.

The book was written during her mourning and through it she aims to help other mothers dealing with grief.

At the time of the book’s release Florence said it is a “collection of poetic mourning or poems”. 

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