Nutritious Ghana Conference 2019 out-doored

Yaw Ansah, GNA

Accra, Oct. 20,
GNA – The 2019 Nutritious Ghana Conference, an initiative that aims at educating
the public on healthy nutrition has been out-door in Accra with a call on
Ghanaians to make nutrition a priority to stay healthy.

Being championed by
the Ministry for Planning, Healthy Living Foundation and Imagine8 Company the
novelty seeks to find practical ways to solve and improve nutrition deficits in
among Ghanaians.

Scheduled to take
place in Accra on March 27th to 29th, 2019, at the Accra International Conference
Centre, there would be pre-conference activities including formation of
nutritious Ghana Clubs in Schools, organizing hands-on training for matrons in
the hospital and public education on nutrition.

The conference would
feature a gathering of nutrition experts, food processors, agriculturists as
well as policymakers in the food value chain to deliberate on innovative ways
of curbing malnutrition and other nutrition-related diseases towards the
attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) two and three.

It would be under the
theme ‘Integrated Approach to Promoting a Nutritious Ghana’.

A statement delivered
on his behalf Prof Gyan Baffour, Minister for Planning, explained that the
benefits of developing healthy dietary and lifestyle patterns from an early age
could positively impact on people’s nutrition and health throughout their adult
lives, and enhance the increase in productivity of individuals and the nation.

He noted that
nutritional education was an important element in an overall strategy towards
improving food security and the prevention of all forms of malnutrition.

Prof Gyan Baffour
stated that undernutrition was linked to child death, illness and poor
development. Stunted children are inches shorter than they could have been with
proper nutrition.

“They have weaker
immune systems that make them more vulnerable to diseases. Studies show that,
stunting slows brain development and results in the loss of two to three years
of learning,” he said.

“Evidence shows that,
focusing on pregnant women and babies under the age of two is critical, because
in these dire 1000 days as we call them, the foundation can be laid for a
healthy life through nutrition.”

“Schools from
pre-school to secondary are ideal settings for promoting lifelong healthy
eating habits and lifestyles. It is therefore imperative that we inculcate
these innovative strategies from Pre School to High Schools as a way to promote
healthy eating habits among the youth who form the majority of our population”.

The Minister noted
that Ghana was the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to meet the Millennium
Development Goal one Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty, bringing Stunting
down from 30 per cent in 2003 to 19 per cent in 2014, and facilitating enabling
policy environment in nutrition-sensitive areas.

In spite of the
immense successes chalked over the years, he said there were still many
unresolved challenges that we are facing as a country in terms of nutrition.

Mrs Gertrude
Quashigah, Chairman of the Nutritious Ghana Conference said eating
well-balanced diets combined with regular physical activity was a cornerstone
of good health.

“Time and time again
we had heard speeches about nutrition, malnutrition and have been preached to
on how to live healthy lifestyles. It is high time we put these teachings and
ideas into practice to create a more realistic approach to achieving our goals
for nutrition in Ghana”, she said.


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