State should prosecute rapists, fake pastors instead of pushing ‘political vendetta’: Mcebo Dlamini

#FeesMustFall activist Mcebo Dlamini says the state is wasting resources prosecuting him and instead should focus on dealing with fake prophets who are alleged rapists.

“They don’t have a case against me. They are abusing state machinery. Instead of prosecuting fake pastors and prophets‚ who are molesting women left right and centre‚ they are using state machinery and state resources to prosecute and push a political vendetta‚” he said.

“But because I am an activist I understand we are fighting a system. And when you are fighting a system‚ it reacts and this is a system reacting.”

He said every time he attended court‚ the state applied delaying tactics.

“The delaying tactics they have used today is that the magistrate [Carlo Labuschagne] is not in a position to commence with a trial when they knew he is acting [in the post]. The magistrate knew his term of office is elapsing next month‚ but he set a trial date‚” Dlamini said.

“I’m not intimidated and deterred. Actually I gather strength every time they do this.

“The support we are receiving from young people and other formations‚ like the bikers‚ says we are touching nerves‚ we are touching lives and that’s what keeps us going. I am very strong‚ strong as a buffalo bull.”

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