PHOTO: Man found dead smiling


A 72 year brothel owner identified as Dennis Hof was found naked in bed with a Magic Wand sex toy on the covers and was last seen alive after he asked for two popsicles and a bottle of water, Bunny Ranch insider reveals

Reports indicates the love Ranch owner Dennis Hof died on Tuesday hours after having sex with one of his own prostitutes with his bother found by his best friend, porn star Ron Jeremy.

A Ranch insider has told that Hof’s mouth was open with a slight smile on his face and his eyes half closed.

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The brothel has since been shut down because Dennis’ name was the only one on the brothel license.

He was set to compete in a general election for a seat in the House of Representatives in Las Vegas before his unfortunate death.

Sources say the last person to see Hof alive was a lady who worked in the brothel – not a prostitute – who brought him two popsicles and a bottle of water to his bedroom at his request. That was at approximate 1 a.m. on Tuesday.


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