Ouma Lilly taking a spin in her grandson’s new car is giving SA feels

Le Cordeur said he shares a special bond with his grandmother‚ who raised him.

“When she wants to buy something‚ she will phone me. She doesn’t trust anyone with her money.”

Le Cordeur said he bought his new car‚ a Ford Fiesta‚ on Tuesday.

“She [Ouma Lilly] was the first person I wanted to show. She didn’t know about the car and I went to her house and told her that I wanted to show her something.

“She didn’t believe me at first and then she insisted I should take her for a drive.”

His grandmother slowly walks around the car and says: “Is it really your car Jeremeo? That’s right‚ work for your money‚ my child. Don’t waste your money on alcohol.”

She asks: “Let me feel how it drives‚” before getting into the passenger seat.

The gentle woman‚ astonished by the interior of the car‚ claps her hands and kisses Le Cordeur on the cheek.

Le Cordeur asks: “Does the car drive well?”

“You don’t give the car to anyone [else to drive]. I am glad that you worked so hard‚” she replies.

She jokes: “I can’t sit in your new car with my dirty overall. Let me take it off.”

“I’ve prayed often that you would look after yourself. The guys are probably so jealous of you now‚ with your new car.”

Before they stop Ouma Lilly cautions her grandson: “It’s a smart new car. Be careful‚ don’t damage the car.”

By Friday afternoon‚ the video had received more than 26‚000 page views. Many said it reminded it of their own grandmothers.

“Congrats with your new car Jimmy. Why am I not surprised that your grandmother is your first passenger? Beautiful.”

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