LOL! Nadia ain’t digging the kwaito vibe Cassper’s on cos’ its for ‘old people’

One of the perks of being Tsibipian is that Cassper and his Family Tree members always feel the need to share the conversations they have in their family WhatsApp group. And what better way to include your fans into you decision making process than put it on social media?

We know now, thanks to Cassper and his sharing is caring policy, that he’s working on a kwaito inspired rap album or EP.

We also know that based on the reaction Gets Getsa received, not all Tsibipians were immediately sold on the new sound Cassper is pushing. But thanks to their trigger happy Twitter fingers, we also know that the new age kwaito rap vibe, ain’t really a vibe for Cassper’s artist Nadia.

Cassper took to Twitter to share.

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