IN MEMES | Kagiso proposed to Kamina, now the nightmare begins!

After doing everything in her power to stop a drunk on love Kagiso from making a mistake that will break his heart, Harriet’s worst nightmare happened while she was asleep. You know,  when Kagiso put a ring on the slimy Kamina’s finger.

Kamina, the long lost love from Kagiso’s soldier days, said yes to marriage without hesitation when Kagiso popped the question. This has left tweeps even more nervous and they are certain Harriet is going to lose her sh*t when she finds out.

Especially after Harriet went through all that trouble of getting Kamina and her child South African citizenship.

Although, in all honesty, this is Harriet we are talking about, Prince could have easily approved the citizenship papers, but that is beside the point.

The point is Harriet thought she had brought Kagiso and her family time to figure out Kamina’s real motives by making her a citizen, but as fate (or Kagiso’s stupidity) would have it, things will be much different.

Twitter knows that the drama is about to get lit and as Harriet’s worst nightmare begins, they can’t wait to see the fireworks! They had just the right memes.

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