SAA identifies 2 suspects in connection with mid-air theft on Hong Kong flights

Earlier this month‚ SAA’s cabin crew were told by some passengers during a flight that their valuables – stowed in the overhead compartments – had gone missing.

The missing items turned up on some of the cabin seats after police in Hong Kong boarded the aircraft when it landed and searched some passengers who had behaved suspiciously.

Tlali said the passengers had told the crew that they had lost money and a watch.

“One of the complainants was able to point out a few passengers who had behaved in a suspicious manner in the cabin and who were seen opening some overhead compartments while other passengers were sleeping‚” Tlali said.

“The rest of the passengers disembarked and suspects identified were ordered to remain in the aircraft and were searched by the police in Hong Kong. Nothing was found [on] them during the search‚” he said‚ adding that the suspects had to be released.

“The items complained of were however recovered by the cleaning staff as they cleaned the aircraft … and were found on … the seats in the same cabin. The [items were] returned to the complainants‚” Tlali said. 

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