Our women didn’t cause our split – Praye

Re-united music group Praye has dispelled rumors that their spouses were the cause of their breakup.

The trio made up of Eugene Baah, Steven Fiawoo and Nana Kwame, popularly known as Praye Honeho (Choirmaster), Praye Tietia (Cartel Big J) and Praye  tintin respectively, broke up in 201.

“I will tell you here today and state emphatically that our wives were rather the ones pushing us when we went our separate ways to come back.

“Trust me, because you see this is what we were doing when they found us. They found joy in what we were doing, they supported what we were doing from the onset. There is no way they will be the contributing factor to our breakup,” Praye Tietia told Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday.

The group however blamed their fans for the split noting  “It also comes for the fans. You might meet some fan and he will tell you that you are the one holding the group, so you can go solo. Those things can also generate to a break up, because when one feels himself that he is too good, when the fans keep saying that to you, automatically you feel like that and walk away”.

However, the group ultimately took responsibility for the breakup and assured their  fans that they are back for good.

“What happened to us is basically our responsibility, and we take responsibility for going our separate ways. We made our decision; of course we are not kids. We know how we started the Praye group and where we want to take it to.

“The problem I think we always have is we try to shift blames and try to apportion games when we have failure in life  but when you have failure, it is the ability to accept that failure and take responsibility for that decision that you have made. It is always the brand that we are respecting, the “Praye” brand is even bigger than all three of us,” the conceded.


Source: Ghana/Starrfmonline/103.5fM/Senanu Damilola Wemakor

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