Neskael Travel & Tours launches 5th edition of Neskael Corporate Show

A travel and tour company, Neskael Travel and Tours, under the auspices of Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, has launched the 5th Edition of the Neskael Corporate Show, scheduled to take place at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel on the 16th of November 2018.

This year’s edition is on the theme” Promoting Made in Ghana Wear Through the Corporate World and empowering women in the fashion industry.

Activities scheduled for the show include Models Catwalk which will be done in segment, the Sankofa Wednesday Campaign, Trade Fairs, Fund raising dinner, Career Seminar, and presentation of award to some key persons in trade and fashion.

The Managing Director of Neskael Travel and Tours, and Founder of Neskael Corporate Show, Louanges Mang, said as part of measures to empower the youth to use made in Ghana products and service, the runway models will be fashioned towards preserving the rich cultural heritage of Ghana and Africa in the corporate world through fashion, grooming and training on fashion in the corporate world, promoting African cultural heritage, creating employment, promoting Made in Ghana Products and services, and getting government to add an additional day to the Friday Wear.

“With the above objectives, Neskael Travel and Tours hope the general public embraces this revolution in patronizing our beautiful products daily. And we trust that by your support as members of the press, we will be able to make this a reality. This won’t be made possible without our sponsors healthy life, tasty tom, perk b, and of course Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts – Louanges Mang, Founder of Neskael Corporate Show stated.

Mr. Louanges Mang noted that, their doors are still opened for sponsorship from individuals and corporate bodies who would like to join them in preserving their rich African culture.


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