Omotoso supporters clash with #TotalShutdown members outside court

Cheryl Zondi‚ 22‚ a second-year marketing student at the University of Johannesburg‚ has been on the stand since last Wednesday and has already missed one exam as a result.

She has an exam scheduled for this Monday and Makaula had earlier indicated it would not be ideal for her to miss another.

“Regarding your exams‚ on behalf of the court‚ we wish you luck. You must pass your exams. That is your future. You must concentrate on your future‚ and forget about what is happening here. It will take its own course‚” Makaula told Zondi.

“You are not doing it for yourself‚ coming to this court. Its’ not about yourself‚ it’s about justice. So leave everything to us and go and write your exams.”

Makaula reminded Zondi she was still under oath and being cross-examined and was not to discuss the case.

Meanwhile chaos erupted outside the court after two opposing groups clashed following the postponement.

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