NGO on mission to save blind children from dark world of illiteracy

Human Rights Watch 2015/2016 statistics found that an estimated 250‚000 of the 450‚000 children not in any formal schooling programme are blind or visually impaired.

“Many parents of these children are overprotective of their children and they are not schooled at home‚ because they mostly come from poor communities.

“The lack of knowledge is leading to high rates of illiteracy amongst blind and visually impaired children who are not receiving schooling.”

Nair also blamed the government for not providing access to adequate schooling. “The system is failing these children‚ and Blind SA is on a mission to rectify this desperate situation.

“Raising an extra one million will go a long way in assisting Blind SA to achieve its goals and give wings to words for thousands of blind people‚ young pupils in particular‚ by enabling them to become braille literate.”

“Blind SA is appealing to South Africans to respond to our appeal for funds and donate generously via our website.

“Raising R1-million will go a long way in assisting Blind SA’s community‚ often unseen and thus forgotten…” added Nair.

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