‘My mother was willing to die for us’

Le Roux‚ clad in black jeans and black shirt‚ told the court on Thursday morning that to show his commitment to the ‘ministry’‚ he had an image of a werewolf and bat tattooed on him.

“She [Cecilia] said she was the werewolf in the ministry‚ so I got the tattoo for her.”

“I’m baffled – can a werewolf or a bat run a ministry?” Valentine’s lawyer Amanda Nel asked.

“That is my question as well‚” Le Roux said.

The group ‘laid low’ for some time‚ but became more active in 2015 when they needed money.

A plan was put in place to murder Le Roux’s father. He said that he had no relationship with his father.

Nel asked him why he decided to join the ‘ministry’. Le Roux said he joined the group after he was made to believe by his mother that his father never loved him.

“She [Marinda] led me to believe that my father didn’t want me and if I didn’t do it their way I would be out on the street. I was still a child at the time.”

He claimed that his mother signed fraudulent documents to change his surname without his father’s permission.

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