Bogus traditional surgeon, 19, captured and snipped

In a bizarre turn of events, a 19-year-old who illegally circumcised 21 boys was captured and circumcised himself as it turned out he had not undergone the rite yet.

DispatchLIVE reported that the Nqanda A villager is one of the bogus traditional surgeons who illegally circumcised about 40 boys this month in Libode and Ngqeleni in the Eastern Cape.

Nqanda A village headwoman Nkosazana Ntombomzi Malahle said this was not the first time that the teen had illegally circumcised teenagers.

“This time, the men decided to check [if he was circumcised] after they established some discrepancies in the circumcision procedure with many boys, who are now half-circumcised. They established that he was uncircumcised.”

Traditional leaders received permission from his father and circumcised the youth. He is currently at a legitimate initiation school.

It could not be established whether he would face any charges after graduating.

Nyandeni traditional initiation chair Nkosi Landela Gwadiso, Nkosi Jongusapho Bokleni and co-operative governance & traditional affairs MEC Fikile Xasa expressed shock about reports of illegal initiates when it was not even initiation season.

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