‘The plan was to kill him to fake Zak Valentine’s death’

The group had run low on money at that stage.

“The plan was to find someone who looked like Zak‚ the same size and built like him‚ then kill him and wait for the policy to pay out‚” Le Roux told the court.

During his first hour of testimony he spoke fast and fluently. He sat calmly in the dock with his legs and hands chained. His testimony left the courtroom gallery shaken. Some broke into tears and had to be comforted by friends.

On December 16 2015 they found a homeless man who lived in Cecilia’s storeroom. They had known the man for a few months.

Late that afternoon‚ the group agreed to use him for the murder.

“We prepared a juice for him with crushed tablets. Cecilia and I prepared it‚ she had a box full of tablets and we crushed about 20 pills in the juice‚” Le Roux said.

They drove in two cars towards the Free State. He said they made a booking for Valentine at the town of Petrus Steyn in the Free State to make it seem like he went on holiday.

Le Roux sat behind the man because he had to strangle him with a piece of rope. They gave the man the juice when they reached Randfontein. Halfway through the trip‚ the man started becoming drowsy.

“I sat directly behind the passenger seat‚ put my legs up and strangled him for quite a while.”

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