‘I know I’m going to die’‚ says activist outside Durban city hall

“When I die you must look for my spirit in the building behind me‚” he said‚ pointing at the city hall.

Surrounded by three strongly-built men who looked ready to attack at any moment‚ Zikode said that his life had not been easy‚ particularly in the last three months.

“It has been extremely difficult having to fear for my life in my own country‚ in my own community. It has been a life of hell. The people who are supposed to be protecting me are the people I fear the most‚ those people are the police and political leaders.

“The ANC is a danger to the community‚” said Zikode‚ before listing a number of shack dwellers and Abahlali members who had been killed in recent years.

He also made mention of baby Jayden‚ the two-week-old infant who died during clashes between police and shack dwellers at the Foreman Road informal settlement in June 2017.

Zikode added that he was ready to return to the forefront of the fight being waged by Abahlali baseMjondolo.

“I have a special mission to better the lives of Abahlali and the marginalised‚ and I intend on carrying it out‚” he said.

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