Campaigner launches fund to raise funds for Dros rape victim

“We know that rape can traumatise the victim emotionally for years afterwards‚ so we hope the funds raised will be used for therapy and rehabilitation for the victim so that she can have some semblance of normality or even happiness again‚” she said.

“Therapy is very costly these days and we know for many people it is not possible to pay for it. Having said that‚ we are also happy for the family to use these funds in any way they see fit.”

She said the group chose to remain anonymous because they did not need recognition for starting the fund.

“What’s important is that we come together as concerned South Africans and help this young victim whose life has all but been destroyed‚” she said.

The donors sent messages of strength and sympathy.

Captain_Quirk who donated R205.64 said: “Dear young one‚ I’m sorry the worst of this world found you‚” while Mbudzeni‚ who donated R510‚ said: “Money may not heal a shattered soul. The system has failed you many times. Stay strong.”

Another donor‚ Colin‚ who donated R1‚000‚ said “Heal soon little one.”

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