‘Springs monster’ cried like a baby in prison

He claimed his wife was the controlling one although he acknowledged that he was a strict father. “He acknowledged that the way he punished his children was too hard.”

The inmate also described how the “monster” found God while behind bars. “He never left his cell without his Bible‚” he said.

He described how one night in prison‚ while going to the bathroom‚ he saw the father “sitting on the wall crying like a baby…. He knew he was going to jail for a long time but also that he had not done everything that he was accused of doing…. But it bothered him that people would think he was a bad father.”

He was worried what his children would think about him.

In an affidavit dated September 26‚ one of the children‚ who is now 15‚ described in detail the hate he felt for his father.

“If I could have‚ I would have killed him myself. I hate him a lot.

“When I think about him‚ I hate everything about him. He never loved me. I wish I could get another surname. I do not want to be anything of his any more. I do not want to be his son. Someone once told me I look like him. I became very angry‚” the boy said.

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