Ahmadiyya Mission to hold Conference on Peace and Global Justice

Accra, Oct. 5, GNA –
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana will on Wednesday October 10 hold a day’s
Peace Conference on the theme: “Peace and Global Justice,” in Accra.

A statement issued in
Accra by Mohammed Affum, Publications Secretary at the Mission, said the
conference aim to promote a deeper understanding of the teachings of Islam in
relation to peace and inspire a concerted effort towards the attainment of
global peace

It said the event
would bring together diplomats, politicians, academics, corporate executives,
and religious and traditional leaders.

The statement said the
keynote address would be delivered by Sir Dr Iftikar Ahmad Ayaz, Consul General
of Tuvalu in the United Kingdom, and a prominent human rights campaigner.

Other Speakers are Dr.
Mustapha Hamid, Minister of Zongo and Inner City Development, the Most Rev.
Professor Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the National Peace Council, and Dr.
Vladimir Antwi Danso, an international relations expert and Dean of Studies at
the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Accra.

It said the Ahmadiyya
Prize for the Advancement of Peace would be presented to an individual or
organization, which has made a significant contribution towards the advancement
of peace in Africa.

It said a key yearning
and aspiration of mankind over ages had been durable peace with mechanisms to
promote and guarantee peace, however, efforts in various forms and shapes had
been expended over the last century but lasting peace had proved elusive.

It said the single
most important malady of the contemporary world today was the absence of peace
to the extent that finding a cure had proved and continued to challenge the
ingenuity of man, who has reached a high standard of achievement in material
progress made possible by the advancement of science and technology.

According to the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, the horrific experience from the Second World War and
scars imprinted on the conscience of nations inspired a global wish that the
world should never be subjected again to another disaster too ghastly to

“In the ashes of the
Second World War, the United Nations architecture is on erected as the
foundation for global peace. Rather sadly, this structure was doomed to collapse
sooner than later,” it said.

The Mission said the
veto power wielded by the so-called permanent members of the UN Security
Council masked the real intentions of the bigger countries of the international

It said, therefore, it
would be an overstatement to conclude that the record of the UN in ensuring
world peace had been dismal.

The statement said
that self-interest had always prevailed over absolute justice as a requirement
for peace and the concept of right and wrong had never played a part in
decision-making of the UN.


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