We’re not infested with corruption, create, loot & share like you – NPP jabs NDC

General News of Thursday, 4 October 2018

Source: rainbowradioonline.com


Communications Director of NPP, Buaben Asamoah

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has commended government for showing leadership in the fight against corruption. The party is touting the achievement of government in gathering the needed evidence to deal with corrupt former officials of the previous NDC administration.

Communications Director of the party, Buaben Asamoa at a press conference on Wednesday said: ‘’ As a party in Government, we hold the view that having come this far on the path of constitutional governance, it is not enough to shout corruption.

Hard evidence must be found and adduced through due process if we are to tackle the menace of corruption with sincerity.’’

He was responding to allegations by the General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah that government used $6.8 million to conduct ‘’bogus audits’’ in an attempt to denigrate former appointees of Mr John Dramani Mahama.

He used the opportunity to admonish appointees not be corrupt since such an act would affect the gains of the party. ‘’In the same vein, we do not expect self-respecting servants of any Government, to resort to polemic stunts aimed at diligent interrogation of their tenures of office since such actions will not and cannot stop appropriate accountability measures.’’

He slammed Asiedu Nketiah for being allegic to facts. ‘’We hope Mr. Asiedu Nketiah is not allergic to facts. In any case, who is he trying to shield from the flames of accountability? Is it the entire Mahama Administration or characters thick in the purported plots to create, loot and share? Schemes to create, loot and share have been allegedly so well executed that many contracts inherited by the current administration appear lawful but in effect are bloated well beyond value for money limits.

In conclusion, we wish to state our revulsion at the personal attacks on the person of Professor Edward Dua Agyeman. Nearly half of the NDC’s press conference was devoted to casting aspersions on Dua Agyemang. Further appearances on various media by Asiedu Nketiah followed the same trend.

We can only hope that the gentleman resorts to the appropriate quarters in defence of his name but we are also constrained to urge him fervently not to relent in his service to the nation. We do not intend to go down the path of contestation about the role of the Auditor General, an invitation unnecessarily flagged.

It is unnecessary because neither the constitution nor the Audit Service Act, 2000 (Act 584) is a barrier to the conduct of forensic investigations by agencies clothed with investigatory and or prosecutorial powers. ‘’As to the assertion recognising the existence of cognate institutions of state with investigative powers, we say thanks but no thanks.

You had your chance and you chose to misgovern in supreme and blissful incompetence. Please allow us to fulfil our compact with the Ghanaian people with serious diligence, using the best means at our disposal to serve the interests of Ghanaians in ensuring accountability and responsiveness to the duty of upholding the public trust.’’

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